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Award-winning mens health campaign by Sunny Thinking

About Sunny Thinking

Established in 2008, Sunny Thinking is an award-winning creative marketing agency based in Altrincham. As a small and friendly team, we have a passion for working with like-minded, forward thinking clients and partners who are committed to a positive, healthy, fun, prosperous and sustainable future. That's why we love to work in the sport and health fields and with family orientated brands, businesses, charities and the public sector. But don’t worry... we’re not totally 'Tom and Barbara' from the Good Life! We're experienced creative marketing professionals who are commercially savvy, who know how to communicate a message and the importance of profitability. It's just that we do it ethically and help brands, businesses and organisations we love.

Sunny Thinking is a clever team of people with oodles of years experience in advertising, branding, design and marketing. We call ourselves a creative marketing agency but that can mean different things to different people - we basically use our passion and expertise to come up with clever ideas to help brands and business share their stories.

A team you can trust

With an abundance of international sales and marketing experience, working previously as an Account Director for award-winning creative marketing agencies in both England and Canada, Jonathan Reed decided to go for it in 2008 and set up Sunny Thinking. Since that day, Sunny Thinking has firmly established itself as a unique, boutique, independent agency with a growing portfolio of happy clients.

Working alongside Jonathan is a trusted team of clever creative marketing people... graphic designers, copywriters, photographers, illustrators, marketing experts, PR gurus, digital experts, animation and motion graphic specialists, project managers and many more... a merry band of brothers and sisters, all specialists in their own field.

Staying true to our roots we're big enough to cope, but small enough to care. But most importantly, we're a blimming nice bunch of people to work with and we believe passionately in the work we do.

Jonathan Reed Sunny Thinking
Jonathan Reed, Sunny Thinking Managing Director

Our Sunny Thinking Manifesto

We’re not going all viva la revolution here, our Sunny Thinking Manifesto is literally a statement of our intentions, beliefs and passions. We think people get better results from working with like-minded folk so it’s important you know what makes us tick.

Sunny Thinking is about having fun with your family and friends, making the most out of life and looking on the bright side. We want everyone to live longer, healthier, fairer and have more fun lives.

Sunny Thinking is more than just a creative marketing agency... it’s a unique mindset... a philosophy... a culture... an attitude... a way of thinking... a way of living... a lifestyle for wellbeing. Here are some of the things that make us Sunny Thinking.

Sunny Thinking Manifesto Artwork 2020 01

We also think it’s pretty cool to run profitable businesses in an ethical, sustainable way. Utilising our award-winning marketing experience from the last decade and more, Sunny Thinking helps clients who share our passion for human wellbeing and sustainability. We love working with clients who believe it’s not just about the ‘bottom line’ it’s more about the ‘triple bottom line’.

Sunny Thinking Triple Bottom Line Artwork 2020 01

Sunny Thinking is also about giving

We put our money where our mouth is. There's not much point jumping on our soap box if we don't practice what we preach. Well we do. In addition to our ongoing work for our charity clients, each year we give a percentage of our time and profits to worthy charities, grassroots sports, community groups and causes.

Over the years we have supported many amazing causes including:

Are you a charity or grassroots sports club looking for either marketing or fundraising support? Email

Creatively helping charities

One of our theatres of expertise and passions is to help charities get their message right. Find out more…


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Sunnythinking for rmch charity


The difference our work makes to our clients is ultimately what brings us the most satisfaction, but we’d be fibbing if we didn’t admit to getting a tad excited when our work is recognised with the odd award here and there. Whilst we've been beavering away for our happy clients we've managed to win quite a few awards in the process as it happens. Some global ones to boot. Our trophy cabinet (more a Certificate Wall of Fame to be honest) is full to the brim these days…more than 20 and counting so far!

ST Awards Diagram Landscape AW 01
Sunny Thinking Awards

We guess no-one really likes a show off, but If you want to see our full list of awards download here.


Sunny Thinking t-shirts

We love our Sunny Thinking philosophy and outlook so much we want to share our happy go lucky vibe with you. We've produced our own limited edition t-shirts so you can join the Sunny Thinking revolution too. If you would like to buy one or hopefully more of our t-shirts then email

For us it's not just about having fun, being positive and looking pretty cool in the process. Our t-shirt sales will help raise even more money to help local charities, worthy causes and grassroots sports initiatives, as we’re giving away a percentage of the profits we make.

Sunny thinking online shop
The Sunny Thinking t-shirt range

Have a look at our full range availability in a variety of designs and in adult and kids sizes whilst stocks last.


Sunny Thinking Social Media

Our website is obviously where you'll find all our important information including latest news, explanation of our services and most importantly examples of our award-winning work. We don't spend a huge amount of time on social media for ourselves (that's a discussion for another time) but if we do dabble from time to time you'll find us on LinkedIn, Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

Care to share?

How we can help

We are passionate about our work and how we help our clients.


Whether working with an exciting start-up or challenger business, organisation or product, or with clients that are more established looking to refresh their identity, we love creatively bringing brands to life.

Our brand building process

Brand design isn’t a sausage factory. Each brand has different needs so we use our proven process to build them. Find out more with our FREE branding resource…


Design and marketing

Basically we're a bunch of storytellers. Every brand, business, product or organisation has a story to tell and we develop creative ideas to help you engage, inspire, inform, educate, promote, influence and delight.

Creatively helping charities

One of our theatres of expertise and passions is to help charities with their design and getting their message right. Find out more with our FREE design resource…


Web and digital

As a creative marketing agency first and foremost, we approach web and digital projects with a different perspective to ‘digital first’ agencies. We're not an agency that is full of jargon and over complicates life.

Why do we love Craft CMS?

When it comes to navigating the options of website content management systems, for us Craft CMS wins every time. Find out more with our FREE web resource…


Some of Our Happy Clients

The creativity from the Sunny Thinking team has allowed us to launch into a busy marketplace and make an immediate impact. Already we are attracting attention from international brands and investors who are interested in opening new venues or launching exciting new global food and drink concepts. The new branding and website are in-sync with our key messaging and speak directly to our target audience. Sunny Thinking will play a key role in our business development plans.

Dave, Chief Executive Officer

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