Sunny Thinking Manifesto and The Triple Bottom Line

by Sunny Thinking

As Keir, Rishi and all the parties launch their election manifestoes, it seems like a perfect time to share ours with you again. When we established Sunny Thinking back in 2008, we drafted our very own Sunny Thinking manifesto.

Sunny Thinking Manifesto

It’s with great pride that we can honestly say we still commit to these exact same beliefs and values. Unlike many of the political parties trying to hoodwink voters in the upcoming UK elections this summer, we’ve always been truly authentic and kept our promises. We’re an agency built on trust.

Our Sunny Thinking Manifesto

Sunny Thinking has always been about having fun with your family and friends, making the most out of life and looking on the bright side. We want everyone to live longer, healthier, fairer and have more fun lives.

For these reasons Sunny Thinking has a passion for working with like-minded, forward thinking clients and partners who are committed to a positive, healthy, fun, prosperous and sustainable future. That's why we love to work in the sport and health sectors, the environment, education and with family orientated brands, businesses and charities with a focus on wellbeing. We're experienced creative marketing professionals who are commercially savvy, who know how to communicate a message and the importance of profitability. It's just that we do it ethically and help brands, businesses and organisations we believe in.

Landscape Sunny Thinking Triple Bottom Line

The Triple Bottom Line

We think it’s crucial to run profitable businesses in an ethical, sustainable way. We love working with clients who believe it’s not just about the ‘bottom line’ but it’s more about the ‘triple bottom line’ and acknowledging financial, social and environmental performance over a period of time.

Cutting to the chase – we care. We have a heart and soul. We’re not just another ‘award-winning agency’ we’re an agency built on a social conscience. It's another reminder to us as to why we set up our agency in the first place. We’ve not just recently jumped on the ‘social impact’ bandwagon or attempted ‘green washing’ to win over new business like certain other agencies have crudely done. We’ve lived this since Sunny Thinking was born back in 2008 and will continue to do so.

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