Award-winning public health campaigns for the NHS

Client NHS
Requirement Creative Marketing and Design, Website and Digital

We want everyone to live healthy and happy lives so are proud to work with the NHS, a truly iconic and Great British institution that does so much for us all across the country. We've worked on a number of award-winning public health campaigns with different teams and Trusts across the NHS over the years.

Sunny Thinking Safer Drinking in Later Life
Safer Drinking in Later Life

For over a decade we've supported the NHS by creating campaigns addressing a variety of public health messages covering health topics including sexual health, smoking, alcohol, drugs, oral health, physical health, HIV, mens health, general mental health and wellbeing. We'd need a whole website specifically dedicated to this to showcase everything, so here is just a sample of some of that work.

Sunny Thinking Safer Drinking in Later Life for NHS
Sunny Thinking Safer Drinking Unit Information in Later Life

Our Safer Drinking in Later Life publication won a Gold Award in the Public Services Collateral category at the Summit International Creative Awards.

NHS Manchester Time Please materials
Time Please Responsible Drinking Campaign

We have developed a number of successful integrated marketing campaigns promoting responsible drinking including the Time Please and Think Safe Drink Safe campaigns that were collaborative projects between the NHS, Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council.

NHS Manc City Council Think Safe Drink Safe 5 1
NHS Manc City Council Think Safe Drink Safe 1
NHS Manc City Council Think Safe Drink Safe 4

We also ran a family drinking awareness campaign for Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust that asked parents and carers to think about their alcohol consumption and the impact it may have on children and families.

Sunnythinking faceuptodrink nhs poster
Nhswebsite sunnythinking 1

Building on our experience working closely with the alcohol experts at Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust and Manchester Community Alcohol Team, we were also asked to produce materials specifically focussing on drinking during pregnancy and as a new parent.

Alcoholandpregnancyliterature 1

Our relationship with the NHS started with the then Manchester Primary Care Trust. One of our first projects was in collaboration with the Valuing Older People Unit at Manchester City Council who took the ground-breaking decision to commission us to create a guide to 'Relationships & Sexual Health for the Over 50s'. Our design received global recognition winning a Silver Award at the 2010 Summit International Creative Awards in the best public sector brochure category.

NHS sexual health for over 50s
NHS over 50s sexual health brochure

We have worked on a number of other sexual health campaigns over the years including the award-winning A.Mann’s Guide to STIs. One project aimed to highlight the different methods of female contraception available. Targeting teenagers, we created the The Diary of Hannah Scott.

MMHSC Diary of Hannah Scott cover
MMHSC Diary of Hannah Scott inner 2
MMHSC Diary of Hannah Scott inner 3

Oral health is another topic we’ve been challenged to help with. We worked with the Oral Health Improvement Team at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust to develop a brand for their Dental Buddies programme, an initiative that 'buddies' up a local dental practice with a school or nursery to visit targeted children in nursery or reception classes.

Sunnythinking dentalbuddies
Buddypractice stickers

We are hugely proud to work with the NHS and continue to use our health marketing expertise and creativity to positively support them on such as wide range of health promotions.

Bepositiveabout HIV
Bepositiveabouthivadverts sunnythinking
HIV Testing campaign Sunny Thinking 1

It's important we continue to look for creative and innovative ways of engaging our clients with health promotion messages and you have consistently enabled us to do so over a number of resources. It's always a pleasure to work with you and thanks again.

Rick, Senior Public Health Development Advisor

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