Sunny Thinking develops clever ideas in a cluttered digital world

As a creative marketing agency first and foremost, we approach web and digital projects with a different perspective to ‘digital first’ agencies. We're not an agency that is full of jargon and over complicates life.

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Technology over technique produces emotionless design. Daniel Mall

Our website design services include:

  • Website design
  • Website development and build
  • Mobile and responsive websites
  • Websites with content management systems (CMS)
  • Ecommerce websites
  • UI/UX
  • Website audits and user testing

Our digital marketing services include:

  • Creative for online advertising
  • Creative for social media channels
  • Email marketing
  • Content and campaign creation and management
  • Analytics
  • SEO and SEM support
  • Video
  • Motion graphics and animation

We think about your brand, your message and how your website and online activity needs to dovetail with your wider marketing communications.

We want to tell your story online and offline, not just obsess about technology and put building blocks together. The world’s a busy place and no-more fast paced than online. Our job is to be considered in our approach and help our clients cut through the clutter and digital noise. As with any design or branding project we undertake, we’ll help you unearth your unique, authentic proposition and then share it with the world. No off the shelf templates here thank you very much!

In fact, we’ve often been approached by businesses who come to us and say ‘we need a new website’ but after further consultation we sometimes find they need much more help than that. We help them discover the why, the who and the so what factors.

But let’s not over egg the pudding – we’re all about making things simple for our clients. When it comes to designing and building websites for example, we have a simple process.

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There’s no fancy Willy Wonka secret formula, we’ve got a very simple process no matter the size and scope of the project and just then bring our abundance of passion and years of expertise to the table to create clever ideas – that’s the Sunny Thinking bit.

Our expertise is in creative. We’re not shy in sharing the fact we have a love of branding, advertising and the world of print first and foremost. Our website and digital services have evolved over the last decade and more so we now have a proven pedigree in this area. That said we don’t pretend to just specialise in the world of SEO, SEM, PPC, analytics and online advertising. Instead, when needed, we surround ourselves with external partners who can complement our skillset. Just as we also team up with PR agencies, photographers, copywriters, illustrators, film crews, media planning and buying agencies, we can also help our clients manage their digital activity further by bringing in our clever comrades who can support us with more in-depth search audits, visitor tracking, social campaigns, PPC, SEO and online advertising planning/booking.

Sunny Thinking for you

Over time our plan is to provide you with some additional helpful information that we're happy for you to download, learn and share. On this page we're focussing on websites and digital, but we're also providing branding as well as design and marketing downloads too.

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Some of Our Happy Clients

We are absolutely thrilled with how everything has come out and I have heard nothing but exceptionally positive feedback so a huge thank you to you and your team!

Lindsey, Director of Marketing

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