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Latest work from @sunnythinkinghq

by Team, Sunny Thinking. December 11 2019

Yikes. Where has 2019 gone? Our poor little blog has been a tad neglected over the last few months, so here's a little taster of the recent creative marketing projects that have been keeping us so busy. Enjoy...

No excuses, we're guilty! We've been that focussed on super serving our lovely clients we've not been keeping you up to speed with goings on at Sunny Towers in our blog. So, in case you've not been on our Twitter page and read about some of our recent projects, here's a little taster. Don't forget to see more examples of our award-winning portfolio in the work section of the site.

Helping William Turner be fit for the future

We've created a new campaign for William Turner, the UK's leading school tie manufacturer and schoolwear accessories supplier. View the full case study here...

Brand design and new website for Tomlinson

Tomlinson branding

As a bunch of print geeks we love the world of embossing, foiling, letterpress and all that lovely touchy feely stuff. Imagine how excited we were to be asked to rebrand one of the UK's leading die makers and engravers. View the full case study here...

Getting active with GM Moving

GM Moving website

We've worked with GreaterSport and GM Moving for a number of years on a variety of projects including the GM Walking Festival. We're passionate about helping encourage a healthy, happier and more active life for the good folk of Greater Manchester. Our latest project for them was the design of the GM Moving website. View the full case study here...

Helping local businesses with their branding

Maura McKibbin branding

Yes we love working with big brands and big organisations, but we also love working with smaller local businesses too. Two such businesses we have helped recently are EL Law and Maura McKibbin. We recently redesigned a website for Sale based commercial lawyer EL Law and rebranded Altrincham based family lawyer, Maura McKibbin. Read her full case study here...

Making a difference with our long term clients


On top of welcoming exciting new clients to the land of Sunny Thinking this year, it remained our priority to keep super serving our long-terms clients including the like of buzz, Manchester Health and Wellbeing Service (NHS) and Making Space, the leading health and social care service provider. It's incredibly satisfying and rewarding to know the work you do with such amazing organisations makes such a real difference to people. Being true to ourselves is a common mindset with these like-minded clients. This is exemplified in the recent annual report design we produced for Making Space. Read more here...

More coming soon from Sunny Thinking

All in all it's been a busy six months packed full of Sunny Thinking for some amazing clients. A big thank you to all of them. There are lots more exciting projects underway at our Altrincham based creative marketing agency which we look forward to sharing with you soon. Advertising, annual report designs, branding, creative marketing campaigns, website design, literature and promotional design, videos and much more!

So, note to team Sunny...we must update the Blog more regularly in 2020...ooops!