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GM Moving website design built in Craft CMS  by Sunny Thinking, the Altrincham based creative marketing agency.
GM Moving website built in Craft CMS
Case Study
Sunny Thinking:

Greater Manchester Moving is aiming to positively change the lives of people across Greater Manchester through physical activity and sport. It is a collaborative approach between key partners including GreaterSport, Transport for Greater Manchester, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, Sport England and the local authorities and other supporters. 

Sunny Ideas:

Sunny Thinking had previously created the branding for GM Moving and designed collateral for when the GM Moving plan was launched. Subsequently we were commissioned to design a website for the movement to highlight its vision, journey and stories. We have created a platform for knowledge sharing and showcasing the amazing work GM Moving is doing to help the people of Greater Manchester get more active more often, whatever their age, background and current lifestyle. The website we designed is built with Craft CMS and is fully responsive.

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