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GM Walking Festival / Greater Manchester Moving

Greater Manchester Walking Festival branding by Altrincham creative agency Sunny Thinking
GM Walking Festival branding
Website and social media creative for Greater Manchester Walking Festival
Greater Manchester Walking Festival promotion
GM Walking Festival animated branding by Sunny Thinking
Branding for GM Walking Festival
Sunny Thinking and Scribble promoting Greater Manchester Walking Festival
Promoting Greater Manchester Walking Festival
Case Study

Sunny Thinking:

The Greater Manchester Walking Festival offers over 400 free guided walks, taking place throughout May. The festival is organised by Greater Manchester Moving in partnership with Transport for Greater Manchester. As part of the ambition to make Greater Manchester the first ‘Walking Region’ in the UK, the festival is a fantastic opportunity to showcase and publicise the great walking opportunities and groups there are in Greater Manchester. The festival aims to encourage people to walk more and more often, whatever their background and however they choose.

Sunny Ideas:

Sunny Thinking was approached to create the branding for the festival and design a whole range of marketing communications to promote it including the festival brochure, promotional literature, posters and outdoor advertising. We also created a simple website and a bank of digital graphics for use on email marketing and social media in partnership with our PR partners at Scribble.

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