From embossing to foiling and letterpress, the world of special print finishing

Client Tomlinson
Requirement Branding, Creative Design and Marketing, Website and Digital

Do you know your flat foils from your fluted foils? Embossing from debossing? Letterpress from intaglio? If you love the world of print and special finishing you’ll love the world of Tomlinson. As the UK’s largest independent engraving house, Tomlinson boasts a reputation as leaders in the manufacturing of high-end foil stamping and embossing dies. We’re incredibly excited to be working with them.

Tomlinson engraving diemaking

Building on their proud and rich heritage, the now employee owned business turned to Sunny Thinking to develop their branding and website as they set sail on their next exciting chapter. We were recommended to them by our friends and long-term client Label Apeel, one of the UK's leading label printers.

Tomlinson animation foiling
Tomlinson embossinganimation

Offering much more than just foils, dies and embossing, Tomlinson mix the latest digital technology with unrivalled industry knowledge and traditional craftsmanship to create products that offer customers exceptional results. We have developed a new contemporary brand identity for them to help position them as true innovators and experts in their field.

Tomlinson Limited brochure
Tomlinson Limited

Sunny Thinking has created an identity that illustrates how Tomlinson can help their customers bring their imagination to life through the world of special print finishing. New branding, brand guidelines, email marketing, social media, advertising, motion graphics, various ongoing communications and the development of their new website will help showcase their amazing offering. The website is fully responsive and built with Craft CMS.

Website design for Tomlinson by Sunny Thinking

We were recommended Sunny Thinking and originally approached Jonathan and his team to help us develop a new website. After considerable consultation and through his honest advice and passion, we realised how far our business had grown and how to continue to evolve we needed to also rebrand to truly reflect who we are and where we are going. We are absolutely delighted with how Sunny Thinking is developing our branding and helping us tell our story.

Ginger, Business Development Director

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