Bounce back branding and marketing

by Sunny Thinking

In many ways we feel slightly uncomfortable talking about the importance of branding and the art of creative communications whilst the ugliness of Coronavirus is still looming large. But on the other hand, it’s arguably the perfect time to do so.

Bounce back with branding

It’s the understatement of the century to say the last few months have been pretty damned topsy turvy for everyone. So, we’re not going to talk any more about doom, gloom, deaths, statistics, waves, curves, jobs losses or economic slumps. We’ll leave that to the so-called expert number crunchers. It’s bloody obvious Coronavirus will continue to test us all in a multitude of ways.

Instead, the point of this article is simple. As marketeers and creatives we’re here to help our clients think long-term and continue to build their brands. In fact we have a duty to do so. As explained by Mark Ritson in one of his many unique and insightful articles for Marketing Week, this global pandemic has actually given many brands an opportunity to reassess business strategies and ultimately it’s an opportunity we should all take.

Branding in a time of change

Back in March it felt like we were all hit by a massive sledgehammer and there was an initial knee-jerk reaction response by many. But then came the opportunity to review and reflect and now as we’re emerging in to a new world there’s a massive opportunity to ride the wave of change that’s ahead and be brave, courageous and innovative. Now more than ever it’s a time for all businesses to be guided by the fundamental principles of branding we encourage all our clients to live by.

ST Process Diagram AW 01

Investing in the principles of branding

Whether a start-up business or £10m family owned business, Sunny Thinking helps all sorts of businesses and organisations clearly articulate who they are and what they stand for (and what they don’t). We help communicate why brands and products are unique and why people should engage with them and choose them over a myriad of others. Investing in your brand over the coming months will help you build solid foundations for long-term success. We can help you navigate this new world, help you reassure your audience and engage with them in a meaningful and authentic way. Once your strategy is in place, it's also about being clever and creative and maximising your marketing investments.

ST Brand Functions Diagram V1 01

Be authentic and original

One thing we've observed during the era of Lockdown is the abundance of generic same old same old copy-cat marketing messages. In a world of increasing digitalisation, it’s harder than ever to stand-out. But those that do are the ones that remain authentic and true to their core proposition. Those that are original, innovative, dynamic, irreplaceable, courageous, creative, engaging and customer-centric.

Bounce back =

To start to be successful again after a difficult period
(Cambridge Dictionary)

Bounce back with your branding and marketing

Bounce back, project restart, kickstart, whatever you want to call it. There’s no time like now to think about what journey your brand, business, product or organisation is going to take next. Without a doubt it’s going to be a turbulent 18 months for sure and who really knows what the future brings. But there’s no point being distracted and losing energy worrying about the things we can’t control. It’s time to be brave and original in your thinking and take control of your branding and marketing.

A Sunny Thinking future

We’re doing it ourselves. We’ve taken a step back. Reviewed our brand values. We’ve thought about what is in our brand DNA. We’ve thought about our unique proposition and what actually is our big idea. Yes we’re an award-winning creative agency based in Altrincham. But for us it’s about remaining true to ourselves. Being authentic. Our values are now more important than ever before. We want to work with like-minded, forward thinking clients who are committed to a positive, healthy, fun, prosperous and sustainable future. That’s why we love to work in the health and wellbeing sector with family orientated brands, charities and businesses who care about the world we live in.

Here at SunnyThinkingHQ we’re looking at the next few months with an element of caution but with a massive dollop of excitement. Like most businesses, we can’t deny Lockdown hasn’t been tough. But we’re buckled up and ready to bounce back Sunny Thinking style. We’re delighted to be working on some really exciting projects at the moment and are looking forward to sharing them with you very, very soon.

Take care and be safe.

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