Sunny Thinking loves Altrincham

by Sunny Thinking

Sunny Thinking is proud to be based in Altrincham and helping the thriving town to promote its unlimited potential.

Altrinchambid websitedesign

I’m not a Northerner or born and bred in Altrincham. I’m from Leicester (Up the Foxes!) and have lived, studied and worked in amazing cities like Nottingham, Leeds, Sheffield and Vancouver. But Altrincham is for the last decade where I’ve called home – and do you know what, I absolutely love the place! What an area to bring up a young family and what an amazing town to base your business.

There’s so much to love about Altrincham; the people, great schools, great local businesses, local attractions, fantastic local sports clubs, easy access to Manchester or the countryside and a thriving independent food and drink scene. The list goes on.

The exciting bit is that the town is only getting better and better with all the amazing developments taking place from the markets and Altair, to the new health and wellbeing centre. Visitor numbers are on the up, new retailers are springing up left, right and centre – the future looks great.

Altrincham Unlimited

We love the fact we’re based in Altrincham so were delighted to have been commissioned to create the new website for Altrincham Unlimited, the new brand for Altrincham Business Improvement District. Altrincham Unlimited promotes Altrincham, supports businesses and drives improvement. We’re proud to be playing a part in the town’s future success. Visit

Yes, we work with big brands like Soreen and Mornflake as well as national institutions like the NHS, but we also love working with small local businesses too. The branding we designed for The Old Post Rooms and website for Cod Electrical, are just two examples of how we utilise our big brand pedigree and award-winning creative marketing expertise to support local businesses.

So, here’s our little thought for the day. If you’re a local business looking for advertising, branding, design and marketing services then Altrincham has a thriving creative scene with some fantastic marketing, PR and digital agencies as well as great production companies. Who needs the Northern Quarter and Media City when you’ve got the likes of Sunny Thinking based here in sunny Altrincham! Shop local!



Blog posted by Jonathan Reed, Director at Sunny Thinking.

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