Family is important

by Sunny Thinking

Yesterday was International Family Day. In a digital age when everyone seems to be living a more hectic, faster paced lifestyle than ever - days like this make us slow down and think about what's important.


Someone asked me ‘why is ‘family’ so central to Sunny Thinking?’ On a day when I couldn’t have a shower in peace, argued over what colour bobbles to tie hair up with and ran late because spider man had jumped in the porridge bowl and resulted in a last minute change of uniform – it’s a good question!

The real answer though isn’t rocket science – it’s simple. Family is the core of everything. Everyone one of us is a son or a daughter, a mother or father, brother or sister, a grandparent or cousin, uncle or auntie and we all sit somewhere in our own little tree. Our family values shape us – they are true and authentic like nothing else.

If you put your consumer hat on for a second, just think of how brands that have positive family values make stronger connections with us and influence our buying decisions. The role of brands as extensions of a family through the values they portray is becoming increasingly important - demonstrating traits such as caring, trust, listening, social responsibility and overall warmth. This is even more the case with how they connect and engage with us on social media.

As family is so important to us, we love nothing more than working with family orientated brands and businesses. That rolls in to our work in the sport and health sectors too when you come to think about it. We only work with brands and businesses we believe in. Mornflake is a great example of this - a fantastic brand and one of the oldest family owned businesses in the UK.

We love it when we help bring families together too, or family brands for that matter. Take our current cross-promotion with Legoland Windsor and Soreen as a good example. Thinking of Soreen, when we recently celebrated their 75th by designing a celebratory book it was interesting to look through the archives and see how they've engaged with consumers over the years - always maintaining strong family values.

Recently, we're excited to have won new projects with other family orientated companies like GreaterSport, who are trying to get families fit and healthy across Manchester and Ruk-bug, an amazing new brand that we will be helping launch in to the nursery market soon. We’re also actively promoting health family lifestyles through the many campaigns we develop with the NHS. Our ‘Face Up to Drink’ campaign is a prime example.

So why is ‘family’ so important to Sunny Thinking? Through our own strong family values we believe in a positive, healthy, fun, prosperous and sustainable future for everyone and this is reflected in who we are, who we work with and the work we do. At the end of the day our identity and philosophy is a family orientated one.

The sun’s out, the BBQ is out – I sniff a family get together this weekend!

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