Creating a buzz for health and wellbeing

by Sunny Thinking

@sunnythinkinghq has been a hive of activity over the last few months and we've been busy bees developing the new brand for buzz - Manchester's NHS Health & Wellbeing Service.

Sunnythinking buzzmanchester

Health and wellbeing is right at the heart of Sunny Thinking.

When I set up the business back in 2008 I wanted to create an agency with a true soul - to work with clients and partners who share our philosophy. I didn't want us to work with any Tom, Dick or Harry and be chasing our tails just for the sake of it. I wanted us to down tools at the end of each day and feel like we'd made a difference in some little Sunny Thinking way.

Happy clients

It's with some pride that I look at our portfolio and list of happy clients and see that we've genuinely stayed true to that original vision and our manifesto. We've remained authentic.

With all this in mind, it's with massive pride and delight that we can now share with you our latest healthy bit of branding for an exciting new client. This is exactly the sort of project we hoped to be working on when we first started scribbling on our note pads and weaving our magic on the macs.

buzz - Manchester Health & Wellbeing Service

buzz is the new Manchester NHS Health & Wellbeing Service and we're proud as punch to have created their new brand identity and to be helping them achieve their goal of improving the health and wellbeing of people and communities in Manchester…to help individuals and families live fuller, healthier, happier and longer lives. Check out the branding work we've launched for them including the design of their new website and creation of a short video to help explain their story.

Healthy portfolio

buzz is a wonderfully exciting addition to our portfolio and they join a happy list of long-term clients in the health sector including AstraZeneca, Making Space, Unitron and the NHS.

Welcome to some more new clients

The last few months have been incredibly busy for us not only in bringing the buzz brand to life and working with all our existing clients, but we're also excited to be working with a raft of other new clients too including EL Law, Mint Bridging and Xercise4Less. There are other new client projects to be announced soon - so, you could say the future's looking healthy (ouch) @sunnythinkinghq.


Jonathan and the team @sunnythinkinghq

Posted by Sunny Thinking Managing Director, Jonathan Reed.

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