Making a difference to health and social care

by Jonathan Reed

We’re making a difference in the health and social care sector with our wonderful client Making Space.

Making Space Flexible logo

Making Space is a national charity providing health and social care services to adults with mental health conditions, learning disabilities, dementia and older people with age-related concerns and their carers. Over the last 35 years Making Space have grown considerably. Their services have evolved and expanded but their brand had become slightly out-dated and no longer truly reflected the organisation they had become.

Since 2014, Sunny Thinking has worked closely with Making Space developing and evolving their brand style. As part of their brand development we have designed a wide variety of marketing communications such as service literature, annual reports, newsletters and videos. Although we had injected life into their brand through use of colour, warm photography and bold graphics their logo was arguably still stuck in the past and stifling their growth. A logo is a crucial part of a brand and can give individuals using or commissioning services the impression the organisation is modern and professional or out-dated and amateur. The benefits of a well-thought-out and effective new logo gives people a sense of what you do and who you do it for. A logo can establish a sense of trust and credibility and helps brands stand out from the crowd. So, to coincide with the launch of their new strategic plan, it was time to refresh things.

During 2016 we held focus groups with Making Space employees and service users to help us learn more about what Making Space means to the people who know them best. The focus groups helped us to identify how people view Making Space as an organisation and how best to show this through their new branding. As a result, we have then been able to design a new logo that truly reflects Making Space and develop their visual identity even further.

The new brand is inclusive and diverse which represents their employees and service users who are at the heart of everything Making Space do. We’re now working closely with Making Space in helping to roll out their new brand look.

We love working with Making Space. They are a company that personifies everything that Sunny Thinking stands for. They share our philosophies, ethos and passion for health and wellbeing. As health marketing specialists, we relish the opportunity to make a difference with like-minded, forward thinking and positive clients like Making Space and others in the health sector like Creating a buzz with health and wellbeing branding and Unitron Hearing.

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Danielle, Senior Account Executive

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