A. Mann’s Guide to Mens Health

Client NHS
Requirement Creative Design and Marketing

Andy Mann made his first appearance in 2011 in Sunny Thinking's award-winning Guide to STIs for the NHS and he's tackled many more men's health issues since then. He's gone on to help people stop smoking, kick bad habits, eat more healthy, be a good dad, control anger, get fitter and much more.

Andymann menshealthguides
Award-winning mens health campaign by Sunny Thinking

The series continues to roll out and tackle many more topics to this day to help men live a healthier life both mentally and physically.

Amann guide sunnythinking
Amann guide to teeth

The positive impact of Andy Mann was so immense with the first award-winning publication we designed, that the logical step was to develop his character further in order to confront a wide variety of men's health issues. The same straight talking tone and illustration style will continue to evolve and tell his story to help others.

Amann guide to pe
Amann guide to fatherhood

Most importantly the campaign has worked and made a difference to many men’s lives. At the same time we are also incredibly proud that is has been recognised with a number of prestigious awards including a Silver Summit international Creative Award, being shortlisted for a NHS Publicity Campaign Award at the Health Business Awards and winning Best Publication at the Public Services Communications Awards.

It's important we continue to look for creative and innovative ways of engaging our clients with health promotion messages and you have consistently enabled us to do so over a number of resources. It's always a pleasure to work with you and thanks again.

Rick, Senior Public Health Development Advisor

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