Sunny Thinking is active and sporty

by Sunny Thinking

We’ve always had a sporty outlook at Sunny Thinking. Physical activity and sport makes us tick.

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Sport and physical activity can, and does, make a profound and positive impact on individuals, communities and wider society. It has a massive positive impact on our health and the economy. The benefits both socially and culturally are massive too. But maybe most of all, apart from anything else - win, lose or draw it’s bloody good fun and can put a smile on our faces! It helps build togetherness, develops bonds with both families and friends, and helps increase happiness!

Sunny Thinking is sporty! That’s why we’ve always enjoyed teaming up our passion with an expertise in sports and health marketing.

We’ve used our award-winning sports marketing pedigree to help put bums on seats for sporting events, launch innovative sports products, promote leading brands, support grassroots sports and help clothe the next generation of sports enthusiasts. But in many ways, what makes us perhaps prouder than anything else is how we’re helping GreaterSport and #GMMoving to help change lives.


Over the last few years we’ve worked closely with GreaterSport, the Greater Manchester Sports Partnership, a registered charity aiming to change lives through sport and physical activity in Greater Manchester. From design of their annual reports and spectator information, through to research and insight publications and guides for primary schools, we are extremely proud to have helped them achieve their goal of getting over 1 million people physically active across Greater Manchester by 2017. We look forward to supporting them as they set out their targets for the region for the next five years.


We are also extremely proud to have been asked to be work on Greater Manchester Moving, the new plan for physical activity and sport in Greater Manchester. It is a collaborative approach between key partners including GreaterSport, Transport for Greater Manchester, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, Sport England and the local authorities and other supporters. Sunny Thinking was approached to help launch the campaign by designing a high-profile publication to map out the plan for 2017-21. It was launched by Andy Burnham, Chair of the GMCA and Mayor of Greater Manchester over the summer.

Play sport and be active

Sport and physical activity is a passion of ours. It fits into our ethos for encouraging health and wellbeing for all. We love the fact we can use this passion in our work lives by providing award-winning creative sports marketing to our growing roster of amazing clients.



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