Sunny Thinking celebrates 10th birthday

by Sunny Thinking

We’re celebrating our big birthday. We’re a juicy 10 years old!


Turning 10 is a big deal in anyone’s life and we’re proud to hit that lovely milestone here at Sunny Thinking. That’s a decade of developing ideas to help shape the health, sport and wellbeing sectors.

Here at Sunny Thinking, we’re fanatical about working with brands, businesses and charities who are committed to helping people live healthier and happier lives.

We love the digital world, but we’re a creative marketing agency that encourages, celebrates and embraces life offline too. Our clients love us for that.

Thanks so, so much to everyone who has played a part in our growth and success. Family, friends, clients, suppliers, partners, all who are true 'Sunny Thinkers' and last, but no means least, to the fantastically talented and great bunch of people who have worked for Sunny Thinking over the years.

We’re looking forward to the future and we hope you’ll join us as we create the next chapter in our story.



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