Regenerating places and creating opportunities

Client The Regenda Group
Requirement Creative Design and Marketing, Digital

The Regenda Group is a forward thinking group of organisations working together by regenerating places and working with people to create the opportunities they need to thrive. Affordable housing is their starting point, but they operate across the wider housing and construction sector, in care and support, and in training and employment. We have worked with them at Sunny Thinking for a number of years on a variety of creative projects and were delighted to pick up some prestigious creative awards in the process.

Each year Regenda provide a performance report which explains who they are, what they have achieved and how they provide customer satisfaction and value for money.

For a number of years we were commissioned by their communications team to create their printed reports. We also created videos to highlight their key facts and figures through use of animated graphics and telling their the story with a warm, friendly script and music. The style of the videos reflected the designs of the printed reports we created.

Regenda Performance Report design
Sunny Thinking Design Report
Sunny Thinking Regenda Group
Print Design Regenda Group
Regenda Group Sunny Thinking

Another of the projects we developed for Regenda Homes was the production of their Gas Safety video. Required by law to make sure their resident's appliances, piping and flues are safe and well maintained to keep their neighbourhoods safe, the communications team at Regenda turned to Sunny Thinking to create a video to promote their annual gas safety checks.

Sunny Thinking created a short animated video featuring Emma and her family, friends and neighbours. The video was first scripted and storyboarded before we developed the illustrated characters that were then animated and fully produced alongside the audio that tells the full story.

We are always delighted with the quality of the videos and the novel designs of the literature you create. They have real impact and will help us to share complex and valuable information with our residents.

Stephanie, Communications Manager

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