Your health is our focus

by Sunny Thinking

Your health is our focus. ''Read all about it'' by ordering a copy of our limited edition 'healthy' newspaper!


Health and wellbeing is at the heart of our agency. It's our passion. It's our theatre of expertise. It's what makes us tick...and we love what we do. Now we've decided to celebrate our healthy portfolio and share it with you by creating our very own Sunny Thinking newspaper. That's right, a good old fashioned newspaper. Put down those tablets and smartphones - this is something you can touch! Something you can smell! 12 pages of loveliness that you can read with your feet up enjoying a brew!

Over the last decade we've developed a growing reputation for our creative marketing in the healthcare sector. With a happy client base that includes NHS Trusts, health charities, local therapists and global health innovators, we've helped develop brands, launch new companies and products and tackled a wide variety of health issues. We've won awards for our public health campaigns and communication materials - always with the end goal of helping our clients build their activity around the importance of long-term health.

The awards are great, but in our humble little opinion, wellbeing is the true measure of success. If our creative thinking continues to make a difference in so many ways, we'll achieve our own little world of happiness.

So read all about it - order your Sunny Thinking newspaper whilst stocks last!

For your copy email with your name and address.

Enjoy and be healthy!

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