Why great graphic design is more important now than ever before

by Jonathan Reed

The importance of creative thinking and distinct branding is more important than ever before to stand out or compete in a rapidly changing, noisy digital world that seems to get faster by the day. The power of graphic design, design that is considered and unique, will be a catalyst in any company success. In challenging economic times, it's not about cutting back on design it's about putting even more emphasis on it.

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If there's anything we learnt from the 2008 recession (the year we started Sunny Thinking!) - it's that those brands and businesses we worked with that invested in their creative thinking, were those that succeeded more than others. Now is the time to invest, cleverly when it comes to budgets admittedly, in your brand.

The importance of graphic design

Graphic design is more than just aesthetics, it's not just the cherry on the cake. It is one of the crucial ingredients — it’s a form of communication between your business and your audience. Brands and businesses use graphics in every stage of marketing communications to inform, engage, and eventually persuade prospective customers to make a desired action.

Some key reasons it matters

Here are just a few key reasons why graphic design is important for all brands and businesses (whatever the sector) to expand brand reach, turn more profit or communicate change in behaviour.

  • First impressions count
    The first time a visitor interacts with your brand will set the tone for the rest of your business relationship. Graphic design is an important tool to help any business make a positive, lasting impression. Usually that first interaction comes in the form of visual communications. It could be an advert, some signage, a brochure, a piece of direct mail, a new landing page on your website, a poster, a leaflet, a social media post, or your product packaging for example.
  • Consistency creates credibility
    No matter what sector you’re in, slick and professional graphic design will help your business create credibility. Your customers are more likely to view you as a trustworthy authority in your field if everything you communicate looks polished, professional and just as importantly consistent in terms of styling and messaging. You will produce a wide range of marketing materials in your business journey. While each item has a different purpose, and therefore a different look, it’s best to have all your creative content conform to a unified brand. It’s crucial that people can recognise your brand at a glance, this is where our knowledge of creating brand guides and managing your touch-points can be key.
  • Creativity always wins the day
    We live in an increasingly competitive world and everyone wants a slice of the pie so increasing your company’s competitive advantage is more important than ever. The same would apply to any business, organisation or charity for that matter - we face a constant barrage of messages on a daily basis all fighting for our attention. It's time to stand out creatively.
  • Your message matters
    We're storytellers. Every brand or business has a story worth telling and we're here to help you shout from the rooftops. Graphic design is about communicating that unique brand story to your current and future customers. Simple design decisions like font choice, colour schemes, image or photographic styling can help you deliver your messages with both feeling and clarity in a way that supports your brand message.

Now's the time to focus on your creative output and we're here to help. Since 2008, Sunny Thinking has been working with brands, businesses and organisations across multiple sectors who have all benefitted from our award-winning graphic design services. Yes there's lots of doom and gloom out there, but that's not very Sunny Thinking now is it. We're here to help clients use the power of creativity. It's time to get creative.

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