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What do you want from your agency relationship?

by Team, Sunny Thinking. September 17 2018
The best client agency relationships are built on teamwork, trust, rapport, understanding and a shared vision for success.
Peas in a pod

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As an agency that’s always looking to improve our service, we often ask ourselves what makes a client choose one agency from another. It’s an incredibly competitive world these days and there are so many brilliant agencies to choose from. So, what’s really the key recipe for success when it comes to choosing and building a relationship with your agency?

Quality of work, proven experience, service offerings, the team, sector expertise – these all come as standard to any agency worth their salt and with quality credentials. It’s also more than just meeting briefs on time and on budget with ideas that work. Again, that should come as standard. To us, what makes a client agency relationship really work is much more than that. 

The best results always come from great teamwork. It is after all, a symbiotic relationship. Relationships should be a collaborative partnership rather than a client/supplier set up. The best creative marketing comes from the best relationships, whether that’s communication, understanding, common sense of purpose or a sense of loyalty.  We believe client/agency relationships have many key ingredients:

Common goals

At the end of the day, we strongly believe that our client relationships are as much about trust and rapport as the work itself – we think better results are achieved though working with like-minded people. It should also be an enjoyable journey. Creative marketing is exciting!

But what do you think? What’s important to you? 
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