Website Survey

by Sunny Thinking

Tell us what you think about our current website and you might get a FREE Sunny Thinking t-shirt*.


We're beavering away planning a new website for Sunny Thinking.

We're going to bed studying our current site's Google analytics (mmm, slight exaggeration) and have conducted loads of research in to the good, the bad and the ugly of website design. We've done our own website audit and have clever creative ideas on how we're going to approach our new site. But before we go too far designing and developing, we want you, our lovely 'Sunny Thinkers', to give us your additional thoughts too.

Please spare us two minutes and fill out our quick 10 question survey that we've created using the good old tried and trusted Survey Monkey.

Fill out our website survey here

*If you are one of the first 20 people to complete our survey we'll offer you one of our very own Sunny Thinking t-shirts as a big thank you. Offer ends March 6th 2020.


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