The Brand Building Process Sunny Thinking Style

by Jonathan Reed

Sunny Thinking has a love of branding.

We help our clients bring their brands to life each and every day. We help brands on their journey to understand who they are, who needs to know, how people will find out about them and why they should even be bothered. We then use our award-winning creativity to help brands engage across many different touchpoints.

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There are many different businesses that approach us to help them develop branding and for a number of different reasons. They choose to embark on a branding journey with us for reasons including;

• New company and/or new products

• Name change

• Looking to revitalise an existing brand

• Creating more consistency with their brand image

• When companies have merged

• More competition in their marketplace

• New company ownership

Whatever your reason for choosing Sunny Thinking to work on your branding, we follow a very simple branding process. Not every client wants us to manage every single part of this process. Some choose us just for creating their visual brand identity and applying it to various touchpoints/creative marketing communications. Others want us to hold their hands through the entire journey. If they do, as with any of our projects, we don’t believe in magic Willy Wonka formulas, we like to keep it simple. Many ask what our approach is to branding so here you go...

1. Conduct Research

We can help you clarify your brands vision, goals and values. We can help you research any existing perceptions from staff and customers, interviewing key management and surveying key customers for example. We’ll conduct an audit of any existing branding and present an audit of your possible requirements. We’ll help you analyse your existing messaging, your competition and any technological or legal needs.

2. Clarify Strategy

We’ll help you digest the initial research and clarify your future brand strategy, including naming if required. We can help you develop your positioning platform, brand values and key messages before helping establish a clear brand and creative brief.

3. Design Identity

This is where your brand starts to come alive and the Sunny Thinking magic takes off. After brainstorming the big ideas we’ll help you visualise your future identity. We’ll explore key applications, finalise any brand architecture and design your brand identity system and visual strategy.

4. Create Touchpoints

Brand engagement is our passion. We’ll develop your brands look and feel, apply the brand architecture and finalise the identity design. We’ll prioritise and design the key brand applications. We can also work with trade mark attorneys on any possible legal protection of your brand. We’ll help you continue to roll out your branding across a variety of appropriate and effective touchpoints.

5. Manage assets

We’ll develop a launch plan for your new branding both internally and externally. We’ll help you build synergy around your new brand strategy. We’ll design and develop brand standards and guidelines and help you nurture your brand champions. Your brand is up and running but then what? Well rest assured at Sunny Thinking we’re here for the long-term and see your brand as organic. Your brand is living and breathing and needs constant love and attention. That’s where you then benefit from our other creative design and marketing services including web and digital. Here at Sunny Thinking we believe it’s really important that brand design never becomes a ‘sausage factory’. Each brands needs are different, and our challenge as a creative team is to respond accordingly. We have to be capable of changing our styles – sometimes a visual identity is led by typography, photography or illustration. No two brands should be the same, because no two clients are the same. Dare to be different – don’t be a copy cat!

If you want help with your branding contact - there's no better time than now.

Cheers and thanks for reading. Team Sunny Thinking

Our brand building process...

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