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Last bank holiday we ventured out of Sunny Thinking HQ spreading a bit of happiness selling our new range of t-shirts at Geronimofest - the largest family festival in the North West.

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Why on earth would an agency launch a t-shirt range?

For us, Sunny Thinking is more than just a marketing agency, it's a mindset and way of life. Sunny Thinking is all about having fun with your family and friends, making the most out of life and looking on the bright side. As we love Sunny Thinking so much we've launched our very own range of t-shirts to share our happy go lucky, fun, positive outlook.

Yes we specialise in branding, advertising, campaign planning and all that jazz. We've also got a vast amount of experience working with clothing brands and suppliers. So we thought wouldn't it be fun to have a play at launching our own brand on the side. Hey presto - Sunny Thinking clothing was born.


So far we've kept it relatively low key and only really dipped our toes in the water. But last weekend we plunged ourselves in to the deep end and had a load of fun selling our t-shirts at Geronimofest. Guess what? People loved them!!! Alex from Cbeebies was so impressed he proudly sported his on stage!!!

What's the future of Sunny Thinking t-shirts?

At the end of the day, this is all about having fun and not interfering with our work as an agency which we're more passionate about than ever and that will always be our core focus and priority. That said, it's a great way for us to try something new and it's certainly been a great adventure so far. We're excited to say we've just signed up a couple of retailers who will soon be stocking our t-shirts - how cool is that?! Other festivals, online sales and hopefully more stockists could be on the cards so the future's Sunny! Apart from anything else, we've got some cracking new designs ready to roll out if things really do continue to take off.

If you want a Sunny Thinking t-shirt or if you're a retailer (big or small!) interested in stocking Sunny Thinking t-shirts then please email

Right - that's enough playing for one day, we've got a website to finish off for someone and two major publications to finish proof reading!


Posted by Jonathan - Sunny Thinking Director (and part-time t-shirt salesman!)

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