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by Sunny Thinking

There’s much to admire about the Danes, and we’re not just talking pastries and Kasper Schmeichel. One thing we love about them is their concept of hygge.

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I’m guessing you're familiar with hygge. Collins Dictionaries listed it as one of the words of 2016 – just behind Trumpism (yuk) and Brexit (yuk again). Waterstones bookshop has its very own hygge section and there are endless articles telling you how to live Danishly and practice hygge. There are even bars now named after it. Hygge is definitely having its time in the spotlight – or should that be candlelight!

Hygge is Sunny Thinking

Let’s not get all confused with what hygge actually is. It’s all very trendy these days and getting pretty over-hyped to be honest. But just because it’s Christmas and the alleged height of hygge season, don’t be fooled in to buying loads of books and pimping up your house with a bunch of scented candles, mulled wine, woolly socks and meatballs to manufacture your own little world of hygge. We’re talking about what hygge actually means. For us it means, perhaps unsurprisingly, Sunny Thinking!

Hygge was never meant to be translated - it was meant to be felt.
ToveMaren Stakkestad

If you look at random definitions and translations hygge often gets described as cosiness or a good social atmosphere and associated with good times and relaxing. We like the fact the word actually comes from the Norwegian meaning of hygge, which is wellbeing.

You can’t manufacture or buy hygge like a commodity. Hygge is more a state of mind or philosopy. It’s all built on family and friends, slowing down and enjoying the moment whatever that may be. Don’t get stressed out about the endless stream of social media crap 'selling' you ways to live a happier life. Happiness can’t be bought and neither can hygge. Just like the art of another lifestyle trend, mindfulness, hygge to me is much more authentic. For me it could be kicking a ball around with my mates on a Monday night then having a beer, or larking about with the kids at Dunham Massey– it could be anything to be honest.

Sunny Thinking is hygge

So maybe hygge is a recipe for good times. Everything we stand for at Sunny Thinking reflects the positive world of hygge. We’re all about utilising our award-winning creative marketing skills for the good. We try to create a great working environment and enjoy what we do working with great people. We bring hygge in to our workplace.

The Sunny Thinking manifesto

You only have to look at our manifesto to see how hygge fits with our own Sunny Thinking philosophy. In a increasingly frantic and fast paced world where people are in such a rush to check their tablets and smart phones they sometimes stop to think and slow down. We much prefer to be associated with a world of hygge – one of cosiness, charm, happiness, comfort, reassurance, kinship, simpleness. Modern day life takes us away from being authentic and conscious of how we live and interact – hygge, like Sunny Thinking, is about celebrating reality.

Award-winning creative marketing with a touch of hygge

On the work front, we bring hygge to the heart of Sunny Thinking. We have a passion for working with like-minded, forward thinking clients and partners who are committed to a positive, healthy, fun, prosperous and sustainable future. That's why we love to work in the sport and health sectors and with family orientated brands, businesses and charities. We're experienced creative marketing professionals who are commercially savvy, who know how to communicate a message and the importance of profitability. It's just that we do it ethically and help brands, businesses and organisations we love.

In fact, if hygge was a creative marketing agency it would be called Sunny Thinking. So, if we ever open a Copenhagen office we’d surely be on a winner – in our world Sunny Thinking is a true representation of hygge.

Why behave Danishly anyway?

Now let’s put all this in a bit of context here, they must be doing something right over in Denmark as according to the World Happiness Report they’re the happiest nation on the planet (we’re trailing at No.23 in case you’re wondering!). If you want a good read, there’s a great book by Helen Russell called The Year of Living Danishly – Uncovering the Secret’s of the World’s Happiest Country.

Maybe you should try and generate a bit of hygge in your marketing for 2017?

Cheers or should that be skål


P.S. What’s with all the Danish influence you ask? Well, firstly surely you agree Kasper is the best keeper in the Premier League?! But 'fodball' to one side, this little blog is written as we say goodbye to our very own Great Dane, Kristina, who is heading back to Denmark with her wonderful family. Tak Kristina og held og lykke

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