Sunny Thinking and me

by Sunny Thinking

Katie's on her bike in March, literally, to join the team at British Cycling. Before she pedals off, we twisted her arm to say a few nice words about her time at Sunny Thinking.


Sunny Thinking and me.

Marketing had always stood out in my mind as being the industry for me so after graduating from University, off I went and got myself a job as an Account Executive at Sunny Thinking. My first 'proper' job! This wasn't studying books anymore this was it - the real deal. Bring it on.

Working with Jonathan and the team, my role as an Account Exec is primarily to help manage relationships with clients. From brief taking through to managing the creative process and attending press checks - the role is varied and fast paced. No two days are the same and that's why I love it so blimin' much.

We've built up some great relationships with clients and it's fascinating to see how different businesses work, getting to understanding what makes them tick and helping come up with creative ideas to tell their stories through design, advertising, branding and marketing. Consequently, I've worked on lots of different projects; from annual reports to health booklets, new websites to company rebrands, food packaging to exhibition stands.

Beyond the breadth and diversity of my client facing work, I've also been involved in lots of Sunny Thinking's own work behind the scenes too. Working for a smaller agency really has its benefits. Office moves, re-brands, target setting, clothing launches - Jonathan's always involved me in the processes and it's been invaluable. He also paid for me to do a CIM Certificate in Sports Marketing, which kept me out of mischief on an evening!

So after almost four and a half years, it's with great sadness that I write to say 'Goodbye - and thanks for the years of good work, good times and good friends' as I leave to pursue my career in sports marketing and join the team at British Cycling.

Thanks to the clients, the suppliers and the team - working with you all has been a privilege.

But most of all, thank you Jonathan. Thanks for believing in me and giving me my big break. Thanks for always being there, for passing on your words of wisdom and for trusting me with such important things. You've taught me far more than you can ever begin to imagine. Basically, thank you for everything.... squirrel!

For anyone out there who's thinking about taking a job at Sunny Thinking, go for it. Grab the opportunity with both hands and enjoy it.

From KP - a converted t-shirt wearer and forever a Sunny Thinker.


All the best in the peloton KP – don't be swapping our t-shirts for any of that Lycra carry on!

P.S. Can you even ride a bike? We thought shooting hoops was more your 'thang'.

Team Sunny Thinking!


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