Big 10 Charity Challenge for Stroke Association

by Sunny Thinking

We’re setting ourselves ten challenges for the Stroke Association because we want to help support everyone touched by stroke.

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Sunny Thinking’s 10th birthday charity challenge

Each year we try to give a percentage of our time and profits to worthy charities and causes. This year we have chosen the Stroke Association and in honour of our 10th birthday, we will be challenging ourselves to complete 10 fundraising challenges and aim to raise £1,000.00

The aim is to take part in physically and mentally challenging activities (as well as some 'just for fun' fundraisers) to push ourselves and raise as much money as we possibly can for the Stroke Association.

We kick started our campaign this weekend running the #ResolutionRun 10K at Delamere Forest with around 500 other fundraisers.

Why the Stroke Association?

Stroke has touched the lives of many people we know. For me in particular, this charity is very close to my heart. 5 years ago my fab sister-in-law Judith suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage (a bleed on the brain) that caused a stroke. 5 years down the line, Judith currently now lives in a care home with 24-hour support as she bravely battles to improve her health and wellbeing. The impact this has had on not only Judith but all the immediate family and friends remains massive. We just hope our efforts go some way to support people like Judith, their families and friends.

About Strokes

There are over 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK with 100,000 strokes happening in the UK each year. That’s one stroke every five minutes. Even though you are now twice as likely to survive a stroke compared to 20 years ago, stroke is still the fourth single largest cause of death in the UK. For survivors of a stroke, it can take away your speech, your ability to walk, your memory and your independence.

Please make a donation

Please support us and The Stroke Association by kindly donating on our JustGiving page. We will keep that page up to date with how and what we’re doing plus be regularly tweeting about our fundraising efforts too.

Thanks for your support. Visit to donate.


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