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Wild Wellbeing Days / Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Lancashire Wildlife Trust Wild Wellbeing Days promotional literature by Sunny Thinking
Wild Wellbeing Days promotional literature
Sunny Thinking have created promotional materials for the Lancashire Wildlife Trust Wild Wellbeing Days
Wild Wellbeing Days literature design
Wild Wellbeing Days are run by Lancashire Wildlife Trust's myplace team and Sunny Thinking are helping promote them.
Wild Wellbeing Days creative
Sunny Thinking designed evo roller banners as part of the promotion of Lancashire Wildlife Trust Wild Wellbeing Days
Evo roller banner stand design
Case Study

Sunny Thinking
Absenteeism and presenteeism are huge problems in today’s fast-paced workplace. Mental health is an integral part of how well we interact with colleagues, customers and clients, how well we perform and how we feel about our jobs. With this in mind, Lancashire Wildlife Trust, in partnership with Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, are offering businesses Wild Wellbeing Days. With evidence proving contact with nature reduces stress, improves self-esteem and increases resilience, the days provide the opportunity to improve the mental health of staff participants using a range of ecotherapy techniques.

Sunny Ideas
Having already created the branding for the MyPlace team, which run the Wild Wellbeing Days, Sunny Thinking was given the task to create marketing materials to promote them. We designed adverts, leaflets and roller banner stands to help raise awareness of the benefits of spending a day at Brockholes Visitor Centre. The designs highlight their wonderful facilities in the heart of a 250 acre nature reserve and the activities on offer including practical conservation work, wildlife walks, mindfulness, food growing and bushcraft.

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