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Vision and hearing matters / Unitron

Sunny Thinking have designed a new brochure for Unitron to promote their vision and hearing matters concept.
Vision and hearing matters brochure design
Sunny Thinking have designed the Unitron Vision and Hearing Matters brochure.
Sunny Thinking brochure design
Unitron Vision and Hearing Matters brochure design by Sunny Thinking.
Unitron sales brochure design
Case Study

Sunny Thinking:

In the UK, there are over a staggering 11 million people suffering from hearing loss yet currently only 6 million are estimated to wear a hearing aid. Unitron are one of the fastest growing, most successful hearing instrument manufacturers in the world and are one of the UK leaders when it comes to championing access to hearing care.

Sunny Ideas:

Unitron turned to Sunny Thinking once again, this time to design a sales brochure to promote their new vision and hearing offering. The publication is targeted at opticians and helps explain why they could benefit from adding hearing care to their service offering.

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