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Time Please! / NHS Manchester

Time Please! marketing materials designed by Sunny Thinking
Time Please! marketing materials designed by Sunny Thinking
Case Study
Sunny Thinking:

Following the success of our Think Safe Drink Safe promotions, Sunny Thinking teamed up again with NHS Manchester, Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council to develop another responsible drinking campaign. This time our challenge was to raise awareness levels in bars, clubs and restaurants around the laws of selling alcohol to those who are drunk and provide staff with helpful guides and tools to help them when refusing customers.

Sunny Ideas:

We developed a full range of creative marketing materials around the theme 'Time Please!' Posters were designed for general awareness and literature was produced for staff to explain the law, help them understand signs of drunkenness and give them advice on dealing with refusals. Refusals pads were also provided to help staff deal with drunken customers.

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