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Residents video and report / Regenda Group

Sunny Thinking have designed another animated video for Regenda Group.
Screen capture from Regenda video
Animated inforgraphics and motion graphics form a key part of the performance video created by Sunny Thinking for Regenda
Screenshot of animated video
Sunny Thinking have created another short animated video for Regenda Group.
Sunny Thinking video for Regenda Group
Sunny Thinking designed a highlights double page spread for the Regenda Group resident magazine, Belong
Magazine supplement designs
Case Study

Sunny Thinking:

Regenda Group manage around 13,000 homes in the North West and are committed to providing their residents with the homes they need. As an innovative property business, they work hard to improve their resident's neighbourhoods and communities. Each year they provide a performance report which explains who they are, what they have achieved and how they provide customer satisfaction and value for money.

Sunny Ideas:

Following on from the award-winning reports and videos we produced for Regenda over the last couple of years, we were again commissioned by their communications team to create a new video and design an accompanying supplement published in Belong, their residents magazine. The performance report video highlights their key facts and figures through use of animated graphics and the story is enhanced by the warm, friendly script and music. The style reflects the designs of the printed report we created.

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