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Promotional literature / Mint Bridging

Sunny Thinking have designed new promotional literature for Mint Bridging
Mint Bridging promotional literature
Mint Bridging have turned to fellow Altrincham based business Sunny Thinking to design fresh new marketing materials.
Literature design for Mint Bridging
Mint Bridging are a privately funded bridging lender and Sunny Thinking are designing promotional materials for them.
Sunny Thinking for Mint Bridging
Case Study
Sunny Thinking:

Mint Bridging are an award-winning privately funded bridging lender with offices in London and Manchester. Sunny Thinking are working closely with Mint to help promote the business to both brokers and investors.

Sunny Ideas:

Sunny Thinking has designed literature for Mint to promote their range of products and to illustrate how they can offer 1st and 2nd charge bridging and development loans on non-owner occupied residential and commercial properties. We have created a fresh new look for Mint to make their bespoke offering appealing to both brokers and investors alike. In addition to literature design we are developing a consistent tone of voice for their copy and content. We are also creating a consistent brand style across their email marketing, online advertising, direct mail and exhibition graphics and materials.

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