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Performance Video / Regenda Group

Sunny Thinking have produced a short animated motion video for the Regenda Group to tell their story from the last 12 months.
Regenda Video Screenshot
Sunny Thinking have used infographics and motion graphics in a short video for the Regenda Group the leading housing group
Motion graphics video screenshot
Regenda Group, a leading housing organisation, appointed Sunny Thinking to produce a short animated video to tell their story
Infographic and motion graphic examples
Sunny Thinking drafted a storyboard and script before producing the complete infographics video for Regenda Group.
Storyboard for Regenda video
Case Study
Sunny Thinking:

The Regenda Group is a leading independent North West housing and regeneration organisation. In addition to the main Performance Report we designed for them this year (view the case study) we have also produced a short animated video.

Sunny Ideas:

On approval of our storyboard and script, the video we produced incorporates the infographical style from the printed publication and is further brought to life by animated motion graphics and audio to produce an engaging video to tell the Regenda story.

We are delighted with the quality of the video and the novel design of the accompanying leaflet…They have real impact and will help us to share complex and valuable information with our residents.

Stephanie, Communications Manager
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