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New Identity / Physiotherapy4Life

Branding and clothing for Physiotherapy4Life by Sunny Thinking
The team at Physiotherapy4Life with Jonathan from Sunny Thinking
Physiotherapy4Life icon designed by Sunny Thinking
New identity for Physiotherapy4Life
New identity for Physiotherapy4Life by Sunny Thinking
New logo for Physiotherapy4Life design by Sunny Thinking
Case Study
Sunny Thinking:

Physiotherapy4Life is a dynamic private service that brings together an experienced team of physiotherapists and holistic therapists. Health and wellbeing for people of all ages is obviously the heart beat of their business and they share Sunny Thinking's passion for a positive, healthy future for everyone.

Sunny Ideas:

In an increasingly competitive healthcare market, Physiotherapy4Life has recently expanded to three clinics across the Manchester area. To build on this growth and help promote their business, Sunny Thinking has rebranded the company with an exciting new logo.

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