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Little Book of Trust / Sportswear International

SWI Little Book of Trust
SWI Little Book of Trust designed by Sunny Thinking
Sunny Thinking little book of trust
Inside spread design of Little Book of Trust by Sunny Thinking
Trust SWI designs
Trust SWI concept designs by Sunny Thinking
Tailored performance
Tailored performance by Sunny Thinking
Sunny Thinking SWI Teamwear
Trust SWI teamwear by Sunny Thinking
Case Study
Sunny Thinking:

In a rapidly changing and competitive world, we believe that good old-fashioned values like 'trust' are worth their weight in gold. Our long-term client Sportswear International (SWI) shared this philosophy and built their reputation as the best clothing supplier to the secondary education market on exactly that...giving their clients reasons to 'trust' them. 

Sunny Ideas:

As part of the 'trust' campaign we implemented for SWI, we created the 'little book of trust', which highlighted the many different reasons to trust their company. To complement the product driven catalogues and promotions we have already produced, the 'little book of trust' was written and designed to give customers a true understanding of SWI and what makes them such a special supplier.

The close relationship we have developed with Sunny Thinking has been a major factor in our success over the last five years. In a competitive marketplace and during times of economic uncertainty, it's crucial to have reliable partners who we trust. This is why we value Sunny Thinking so much. Keep up the good work boys.

Paul, Buying and Marketing Manager
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