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Going Green / William Turner

Sunny Thinking have designed a Green Manifesto for William Turner to showcase their commitment to the environment
Green Manifesto literature design
William Turner show their commitment to the environment in this literature designed by Sunny Thinking the Altrincham agency.
Eco Journey
Altrincham creative agency have designed the Green Manifesto for William Turner which showcases some of their new eco range.
Eco products
Sunny Thinking have created a series of adverts for William Turner including this one that promotes their eco ties range.
Eco ties by William Turner
Sunny Thinking designed an eco themed stand for William Turner for the Schoolwear Show
Going Green themed stand design
Case Study
Sunny Thinking

Offering the widest range of stock ties in the UK, William Turner has also expanded their product offering over the years to meet the changing needs of schools and school children with a variety of school accessories. At the same time, they’ve always taken their responsibilities as a business very seriously and have been dedicated to working for the good of communities and the environment. Now more than ever they are focussing on sustainability and the future of our children’s planet.

Sunny Ideas

As part of their ‘Fit for the Future’ campaign we have created, we also launched their Green Manifesto at the Schoolwear Show. The manifesto is major statement of intent for William Turner about how they are ‘Going Green for our Future Generations’. It highlights how they are developing their green credentials and green product offering including new Eco bags, EcoPure biodegradable water bottles and of course Eco ties. The ‘Green’ part of the campaign was the main focus of the stand at the show, much of the build of which was sourced from reclaimed wood. The manifesto was launched in literature at the show and the campaign will continue to be promoted across a variety of communications.

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