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Fundraising Video / The Children's Adventure Farm Trust

Lee Boardman CAFT Ambassador
CAFT Ambassador Lee Boardman Sunny Thinking
Sunny Thinking CAFT Fundraising Video
Sunny Thinking CAFT Fundraising Video
Sunny Thinking Children's Charity Video for CAFT
Sunny Thinking Children's Charity Video for CAFT
Bobby Charlton Sunny Thinking for CAFT
CAFT Chairman Bobby Charlton
Case Study
Sunny Thinking:

The Children's Adventure Farm Trust is a registered charity that provides free holidays and respite for children from the North West who are terminally ill, disabled or disadvantaged; children and families that might otherwise never get a break. Each year they have a Christmas Ball to help raise much needed funds and this year they turned to Sunny Thinking to produce their main video appeal to show at the event. An event which raised over £120k on the night!

Sunny Ideas:

Mirroring the style of the fundraising brochure we've designed, Sunny Thinking teamed up with The Gate and Edit 19 to produce a highly emotional video appeal. Filmed in studio, the appeal is brought to life by the storytelling of the brilliant Lee Boardman. When combined with footage of children visiting the farm, the video highlights how amazing the charity is and why donations from companies and individuals are so needed.

As a father himself, Jonathan genuinely appreciates the work we do and understands why we need to raise the much needed £1,000,000. The tone of the brochure and the video is spot on and I'm really confident they'll help us on our way to achieving the target. There's more exciting projects between CAFT and Sunny Thinking planned for 2014.

Paul, Chief Executive
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