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Sunny Thinking, the Altrincham based creative design and marketing agency, have designed the Ombudsman Services annual report
For the Good - annual report design
Sunny Thinking have designed the latest Ombudsman Services annual report featuring key infographics
Design of infographics
Sunny Thinking are specialists in the design of annual reports as illustrated by these years one for Ombudsman Services
2015 annual report design
As part of the 2015 annual report for Ombudsman Services, individual sector reports were also designed by Sunny Thinking
Sector reports design
Case Study
Sunny Thinking:

Ombudsman Services is the UK's leading provider of dispute resolution and handled over 215,000 contacts during their financial year 2014/15. As an organisation it has gown hugely since we started working with them back in 2008 and has changed both culturally and in structure over the last 12 months to meet the growing demands of businesses and consumers.

Sunny Ideas:

Once again Sunny Thinking was appointed to design and produce their annual report. A new strapline of 'good for consumers - good for business' has been introduced to reflect the growth of the company and subsequently Sunny Thinking has developed a new visual style around 'For The Good'. Key components of the new graphical approach are the use of clever infographics in both the main report and sector inserts to complement the simple layouts and premium feel of the publications.

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