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Fit for the Future / William Turner

William Turner Schoolwear Show Campaign Creative
Fit for the Future advertising campaign
Creative by Sunny Thinking for William Turner at the Schoolwear Show
Campaign creative for William Turner
Advertising creative by Sunny Thinking for William Turner at the Schoolwear Show
Advertising creative for William Turner
Sunny Thinking designed an eco themed stand for William Turner for the Schoolwear Show
Going Green themed stand design
Leaflet design for William Turner by Sunny Thinking for the Schoolwear Show
Leaflet design for William Turner
Case Study
Sunny Thinking

William Turner is a family owned UK manufacturer that specialises in the supply of tie and schoolwear accessories to school retailers. Having helped them celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2019 with a campaign that focussed on their proud heritage and values, our new challenge was to create a fresh campaign that takes them forward from 2020 onwards and promotes their vision for the future and expanding offering.

Sunny Ideas

We created a new campaign ‘Fit for the Future’ and launched it at the Schoolwear Show, the biggest event in the schoolwear industry calendar. 'Fit for the Future' as a concept focusses on how William Turner is evolving as a business, none more so in how they are ‘Going Green for our Future Generations’. At the show we launched their Green Manifesto as well as showcasing their range on a stand that’s main theme was ‘Going Green’ and included stand furniture built from reclaimed wood. Activity included new studio photography and creative across a variety of print and digital advertising, email marketing, social media, literature design and of course the design of the stand itself.

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