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Concept dining branding / Bamboo Bumble Bee

Brand design for Bamboo Bumble Bee high-end concept dining by Sunny Thinking the Altrincham design agency
Bamboo Bumble Bee branding
Bamboo Bumble Bee business card designs
Card designs for Bamboo Bumble Bee
Bamboo Bumble Bee brand concepts
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Case Study
Sunny Thinking

Bamboo Bumble Bee is a unique high-end concept dining business. Imagine being able to craft your own menu, choose the service style and the room décor and know that it’s all being curated by a team of seasoned professionals and cooked by Michelin star chefs, with over 30 years’ experience. That’s Bamboo Bumble Bee.

Sunny Ideas

As a bunch of food lovers, we’re delighted to have teamed up with Bamboo Bumble Bee and created their new brand identity. We've designed a premium, exclusive brand that evokes intrigue and mystique and reflects their high-end offering as a lavish dining experience that exceeds expectations... a colony for elite diners.

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