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Brand design and website / Jazzy Recycling

Sunny Thinking have designed a new brand identity for Jazzy Recycling the waste management specialist
Jazzy Recycling Logo Design
Sunny Thinking, Altrincham based creative agency, have designed a new brand identity for Jazzy Recycling.
Jazzy Recycling Brand Guidelines
Responsive website design for Jazzy Recycling by Altrincham digital marketing agency Sunny Thinking
Jazzy Recycling website design
Case Study
Sunny Thinking:

Jazzy Recycling are a North West based business specialising in waste management solutions. They help businesses and organisations including local councils to reuse,recycle and reduce waste materials. Put simply, they buy, sell and process materials including PET, LDPE, HDPE and many others - that's the likes of mixed bottles, papers, cardboards to you and us! As we like to look after the environment and be as green and sustainable as possible, we are delighted to help them develop their brand identity.

Sunny Ideas:

Our challenge has been to develop a brand identity for Jazzy Recycling that positions the business as a serious player in the waste management sector and appeals to a wide variety of partners including councils and other suppliers. We designed a new logo and have established core brand guidelines to develop a visual identity that evokes trust and credibility and sets them apart from their competitors. In addition, we have created a simple single page website that is mobile friendly and explains their core offering in a clean, concise way. Already the new branding has resulted in helping develop new commercial opportunities for Jazzy Recycling.

The brand image you have created is beyond our expectations. We are delighted with our new identity and excited about how it will help us develop our business over the coming years. Thank you for your advice, creativity and ongoing support. The beers are on me!

Pete, Director
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