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Big juicy lorries! / Soreen

Sunny Thinking have designed vehicle graphics for the fleet of Soreen lorries.
Soreen vehicle graphics by Sunny Thinking
As part of their ongoing support to Soreen, Sunny Thinking have redesigned their livery.
Vehicle graphic design concepts for Soreen
All the best livery design needs a big juicy rear like this Sunny Thinking piece of creative for Soreen.
A big juicy rear Sunny Thinking style!
Case Study
Sunny Thinking:

Soreen is the UK's leading malt loaf brand. The loveable loaf is a truly iconic Great British brand with over 70 years of heritage. We love it, grew up eating it and now enjoy its deliciously squidgy energy with our kids! We've been supporting the marketing team over at Soreen HQ for a number of years now by cooking up a number of creative projects from advertising, emails and packaging through to promotional literature, event sampling, branding materials and direct mail.

Sunny Ideas:

Imagine our delight when we got our oven mitts on the chance to redesign the Soreen livery. Those big juicy lorries whizz up and down roads across the country brimming full of lovely loaves and we were given the opportunity to put our creative juices to the test and freshen them up with new designs. All we need now is a HGV licence so we can drive them!

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