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Annual gas safety checks save lives / Regenda Group

Gas Safety Checks Save Lives is the message of this Regenda Group video created by Sunny Thinking.
Gas safety checks save lives video
Sunny Thinking have created a video for Regenda promoting how gas safety checks help save lives.
Sunny Thinking gas safety video for Regenda
Screen capture from the gas safety video for Regenda Group by Altrincham based Sunny Thinking
Video screen capture
Sunny Thinking video storyboard for Regenda
Video storyboard for Regenda
Case Study
Sunny Thinking:

As a landlord, Regenda Homes are required by law to make sure their resident's appliances, piping and flues are safe and well maintained to keep their neighbourhoods safe. With this in mind, the communications team at Regenda turned to Sunny Thinking to create a video to promote their annual gas safety checks. 

Sunny Ideas:

To help promote the importance of the gas safety checks to their residents, Sunny Thinking created a short animated video featuring Emma and her family, friends and neighbours. The video was first scripted and storyboarded before we developed the illustrated characters that were then animated and fully produced alongside the audio that tells the full story.

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