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75 Years in the Baking / Soreen

Sunny Thinking book design for Soreen
Soreen 75th anniversary book design by Sunny Thinking
Sunny Thinking for Soreen and Doreen
Don't forget the Soreen Doreen
Sunny Thinking Salute The Soreen
Celebrating 75 years of Soreen with Sunny Thinking
Soreen celebrate 75 years with Sunny Thinking
Sunny Thinking celebrate 75 years in the baking with Soreen
Soreen in Numbers Infographic by Sunny Thinking
Soreen in numbers infographic by Sunny Thinking
Case Study
Sunny Thinking:

Soreen, one of Britain's most loved and iconic food brands, celebrated '75 years in the baking' in 2013. Since 1938 they've grown from a seed of an idea in the head of founder John Sorensen, to a household favourite and ever expanding product range. So, if you're like us and love a slice, you'll love the tasty, limited edition book we designed to help them commemorate. It's time to salute the Soreen...

Sunny Ideas:

After delving into the Soreen archives, we designed a publication full of heritage, warmth and nostalgia. Following months of research and with the help of the brilliant copywriter Helen Dugdale, we took a trip down Soreen's cobbled memory lane to help tell their brand story. Focussing on advertising and packaging examples plus story after story from yesteryear through to the present day, our book complete with bookmark and 'The little story of Soreen' timeline, pays homage to how the brand continues to evolve. Happy 75th Soreen!

We’re proud of our heritage and Sunny Thinking has produced a wonderful publication to help us commemorate our anniversary. It tells the story of ‘Soreen – 75 years in the baking’ and how we’ve grown from a family run business in the back streets of Manchester to an international brand in 2014. We are delighted with it.

Lucy, Assistant Brand Manager
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