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Unitron are one of the leading global innovators in hearing instruments and they have turned to Sunny Thinking to help launch innovative new products and develop incentive programmes with their key retail partners.

Ideas By Clever People
  • Sunny Thinking have designed a new brochure for Unitron to promote their vision and hearing matters concept.
    Vision and hearing matters
  • Altrincham based award-winning creative marketing agency Sunny Thinking design a variety of materials for Unitron
    Unite University
  • Sunny Thinking have designed a series of invitations for Unitron to help launch their North platform.
    Go North
  • Sunny Thinking created a summer advertising campaign for Unitron Hearing
    Sounds of the summer
  • Sunny Thinking ran a hugely succesfull email campaign for Unitron.
    Email bundle packs
  • Product launch invitation designed by Sunny Thinking
    Heard The News?
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