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Soreen is the UK's leading malt loaf brand. It's a truly iconic Great British food brand with over 75 years of heritage. We've been developing some fruity ideas recently to fuel their marketing including advertising, campaigns, design, packaging and of course the production of their limited edition anniversary book.

Ideas By Clever People
  • Award icon Sunny Thinking book design for Soreen
    75 Years in the Baking
  • Soreen Union Jack Pack from Sunny Thinking
    Union Jack Packaging
  • Sunny Thinking have designed a range of materials in support of the new Soreen TV adverts
    Loveable Loaf
  • Union Jack pack designs by Sunny Thinking on the cover of Food & Drink News
    Great British Summer of Soreen
  • Soreen recipe book designed by Sunny Thinking
    Recipe Book
  • Sunny Thinking have designed vehicle graphics for the fleet of Soreen lorries.
    Big juicy lorries!
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