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Regenda Group

The Regenda Group is a leading independent North West housing and regeneration organisation, managing more than 13,000 properties for rent or sale across the region and providing homes to 25,000 people and their families. Their mission is to make the North a better place to live.

Ideas By Clever People
  • Gas Safety Checks Save Lives is the message of this Regenda Group video created by Sunny Thinking.
    Annual gas safety checks save lives
  • Sunny Thinking have designed another animated video for Regenda Group.
    Residents video and report
  • Sunny Thinking have designed a new animated video for The Regenda Group.
    Housing group video
  • Sunny Thinking have produced a short animated motion video for the Regenda Group to tell their story from the last 12 months.
    Performance Video
  • Award icon Sunny Thinking have designed the Performance Report for The Regnda Group, one of the North Wests leading housing associations
    Performance Report
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