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Ombudsman Services

Ombudsman Services provides dispute resolution for the communications, energy, property and copyright licensing industries. They're our longest client relationship and we've won many awards over the years for them designing their annual reports and developing their brand and corporate communications.

Ideas By Clever People
  • Sunny Thinking, the Altrincham based creative design and marketing agency, have designed the Ombudsman Services annual report
    For The Good
  • Sunny Thinking screenshot from Ombudsman Services Video
    10th Anniversary Video
  • Award icon Ombudsman Services annual report 2012 by Sunny Thinking
    2012 and 2013 Annual Reports
  • Corporate brochure design by Sunny Thinking for Ombudsman Services
    Corporate Literature
  • Award icon 2011 Ombudsman Services annual report designed by Sunny Thinking
    2008 - 2011 Annual Reports
  • Ombudsman Services brand development by Sunny Thinking
    Brand Development
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