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What we do

Basically we're a bunch of storytellers. Every brand, business, product or organisation has a story to tell and we come up with creative ideas to bring yours to life by engaging, inspiring, informing and delighting. In a cluttered digital world that gets faster by the day, bright creative ideas are more important than ever to make brands and businesses stand out from the crowd. Sunny Thinking inspires clients through award-winning advertising, design and marketing.

Sunny Thinking - Ideas By Clever People
Sunny Thinking - Ideas By Clever People

Creative marketing services

Our expertise encompasses one-off promotional projects through to the implementation of long-term brand and marketing strategies. As our buddy Pete the Plumber would say - there's no job too big or too small! Because of our broad background and open minds, it’s important you understand we’re not biased towards any marketing discipline. From radio advertising to outdoor advertising, from literature design to direct mail, from PR and publicity through to digital marketing and communications. Our services include:

Like all the best teams we believe in surrounding ourselves with the best talent available. We’re transparent about what we do. We don’t pretend. No agency on the planet can be the best at everything so we believe in a small, talented core team with carefully chosen strategic partners. Think about it... If you’re looking at launching a new product with innovative packaging design, why on earth would you choose designers who’s forte is Annual Reports. Likewise, if you’re after some stylish corporate literature you probably don’t want someone who loves to plonk a '50% off' splash on some point of sale. That’s why we mix it up. We bring in extra help when it’s needed. That might be someone who specialises in animation and motion graphics, or specialist illustrators or photographers. We're great at what we do but know when it's time to bring in the cavalry and use one of our buddies from outside @sunnythinkinghq - we're happy to do so to make sure our clients get the best possible service and our ideas come to life in all their glory.

By working for different businesses over the years you get to learn that we’re all different and have different skills and passions... it’s just how you blend it together that matters. That’s where we come in.

Sunny Thinking Clothing

Our creative marketing agency is our bread and butter. Added to that though, we've recently made the decision to grow the Sunny Thinking brand by launching our own range of clothing and merchandise. Why not take a look in our shop?