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Be positive about HIV testing / Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust

Altrincham advertising, design and marketing agency Sunny Thinking has launched a HIV testing awareness campaign for the NHS
Sunny Thinking HIV testing awareness adverts for the NHS
Be positive about HIV testing with this NHS campaign designed by Altrincham based marketing agency Sunny Thinking
Be positive about HIV testing
Be positive about HIV testing with the Sunny Thinking designed awareness campaign for the NHS.
HIV testing literature designed by Sunny Thinking
Case Study
Sunny Thinking:

In 2012, there was an estimated 5,724 people living with HIV in Greater Manchester with 22% of those people undiagnosed. There are more people than ever before living with HIV in the region. With this in mind, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust asked us to create a campaign to raise awareness of HIV and specifically encourage people to get tested and remove any stigma still associated with the virus.

Sunny Ideas:

Our approach to tackling this sensitive brief was to create a campaign that literally encourages people to 'Be positive about HIV testing'. Our simple typographical approach to the creative was applied to adverts, posters and pocket-sized information leaflets.

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